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Participant, register on time!

Dear participants, friends, comrades!

If you are still not registered, please do so on the page Registrace účastníka festivalu.

You will avoid the long queues at the Infostan, you will save your time and ours, which is especially valuable for us organizers than ever on the day of the event.

Why is it also important to complete the registration in advance?

  1. We are preparing a printed brochure in which we would like to list all the involved historical fencing groups, historical projects and military units, which we would also like to mention at the thank you note after the battle.

  2. Another reason why we would like you to register in advance is to know what the right number of cameras and battle ribbons we have to produce to reach all performers.

  3. Registration is also important for the effective organization of the camp.

  4. So we know how much wood we need to make sure it gets for everybody.

  5. Registration of each performer is also necessary due to the legal framework, especially for minor participants, and therefore unfortunately it is not enough to enter only group registrations as before.

  6. If you register in time, it will allow us to communicate better with you and tell you all the important organizing informations before the event.

Thank you to everyone who registers on time!

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