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Registration for the Tournament

Buhurt League World Cup

Men's and Women's 5vs5 registration is open. End of registration is 11 March. Right now you can register via website, a bit later I'll create captains chat where I'll send google form for additional information.


Reminder how to register via website:

1) login at

2) go to captain dashboard:

3) Go to tournament rosters

4) Click on "Add new roster"

5) Title it as "Team name" to World Cup", pick tournament in dropdown list, pick a team.

6) submit

If you didnt register your team, create an account and write me via Buhurt League facebook page or pm


What we provide:

  • Health and medical assistance

  • Bottled water during the tournament

  • Accommodation in a period camp, in own tents within the period camp, mobile showers and toilets will be near the camp and the rink

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