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Information for stalls and marketers

Rules for the marketplace
  • Condition of fire extinguisher: at least 2 kg load in the stand without using fire, otherwise 6 kg with a valid mark / revision in each stand (beware, as last year, we expect another inspections by the fire control inspectors!).

  • Expect separation of Historical and Non-Historical Goods and stalls.

  • We gave exclusive right to general supplier of basic snacks (draft and poured beer and soft drinks + meat, sausages, soups), So do not go with this assortment to us. Other foods are subject to prior approval, please inquire in advance.

  • We prefere historical and craft booths.

  • The size of the parcel for stands is 2 * 3 meters (for snacks 3 * 3 meters). Larger land plots will have a higher tax: payment for each started plot.

  • Prohibition of blocking out marked roads on the market and driveways through goods, advertisements or parked cars.

  • No parking on the market (unless the stand is not directly by car / trailer).

  • Participation fee is non-refundable.

  • The organizers do not provide any technical service.


Prices for stand

Historical stall CZK 1.000,-

Modern stall CZK 2.000,-

Refreshments (only non-exclusive merchandise) CZK 4.000,-

People selling in the camp (only pre-appointed sellers) CZK 700,-

Answers to frequently asked questions

Stalls cannot be built outside the camp and marketplace.

We do not provide connection to electricity, water or the Internet.

Possible special requirements, atypical stand etc. please write to the application form or ask at

Each seller guarantees that it complies with all legal conditions for sale (license, hygiene, etc.). We will require a prepayment for the stand in advance to the account whose number will be sent to you upon application. Late payment and on-site payment with additional charge CZK 500,-. Any discrepancies between the declared assortment or dimensions of the stand and the reality will be dealt with on the spot either by appointment or by non-admission to the event (without refund of the fee).

Registration procedure

1. Fill in the registration form on this page (below the text)

2. Wait for an email with a personal written confirmation of acceptance of your participation in which you´ll receive a payment instruction

3. Make a payment no later than April 9, 2022.

4. You will receive an invoice by email

5. By paying the stall fee, you agree to comply with the rules of the marketplace and agree to these rules.

Registration form for stalls and marketers
The kind of your business

Thank you for registration!

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