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Podmínky pro účast v bitvě
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*Battle Participant Terms

Dear friends,

this year there will be more battles. Since we would like to create historical loyalty to the viewer experience, we have decided that there will be several battles for several reasons. First, we want to avoid nonsense within the framework of the demonstration of medieval warfare such as the fight of the Vikings against the Hussites, etc. Therefore, we divided the war into three smaller battles according to the basic three periods of the Middle Ages Early, High and Late. We introduced the battles chronologically in order to better understand the evolution of warfare during the Middle Ages. But because we are all looking forward to the massive clashes of all warriors, of course, we are adding one final "Free Battle" in which the warriors of all ages of the Middle Ages will meet in a fierce battle to enjoy maximum cutting! The audience will be able to get an experimental view of the clashes of units and fighters of different periods of the Middle Ages, who would otherwise have never met and so it will also be given. Battles are held one after another, so we ask you to come to the battlefield at the exact time specified by the program.


The practice is at 9:00 in the morning and is mandatory for all battle participants. Those who are not in time to attend the training and do not attend it will not receive a “battle camrat”. Demonstration with the battle camrátkem at Munstruňku on entering the battle is a condition for participation in the battle !. Battleships are handed out from 9:00 to 9:20 and who will not be in time for the drill, will not get the battle. We only have an hour to practice, so please come in time!

The aim of these conditions is to achieve an acceptable level of safety and picturesque appearance of the participants. Because Libušín is the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic, it is not in the power of the organizers to practice the fight in battle in detail and therefore it is rather a free fencing or a free fight in the chic. So a minimum of protection is necessary to prevent injuries. And we would also like to avoid some of the atrocities that are not nice and often dangerous. Therefore, we have established the following rules:

To participate in battles and tournaments we require:


  1. Mandatory head protection in the form of a quality helmet. Only ring hood is not enough!

  2. Obligatory hand protection, does not apply to RS lightweight rags, pygmies and rear raiders coming as part of a pre-arranged chic, under the command of one of the appointed commanders.

  3. Functional harmonization of the whole equipment - it is not possible to have only tin hands tied under the tabard on the bare body or ring on the naked torso, naked hands in plate gloves or only the front plate when I only have a tunic on my back etc. ! Please be aware that in the absence of safe hit areas you are unfair to the opponent.

  4. We do not want bare necks in heavy-garments - it is dangerous.

  5. Prohibition of anti-cutting aprons, memory game and coin armor. A jute bag or a plaid cover is not acceptable.

  6. Prohibition of modern shoes, even in rabbit or jute camouflage.

  7. Weapons must be free of burrs or chips, appropriate to equipment, within the history of safety.

  8. The organizers may forbid any weapon without giving reasons for battle.

Additional rules for shooters can be found on a special page!

And please remember:

Everyone is obliged to participate in the training, otherwise they will not be allowed to battle.

Everybody is obliged to go through the Autenticity master controll before the battle with the authorized person (you will be informed on the spot).

If these conditions are not observed, you may be expelled from the battle or from the camp and event.

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