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  1. The festival grounds are officially open to spectators from 10:00 on Saturday, April 23, 2022 to 22:00. However, the area is open to performers throughout the month of April. If you want to camp on the spot earlier, longer or on another date, this is possible by prior agreement with the organizer's authorized representative - the camp leader or the organizer. In practice, when you arrive at the premises, you should warn one of the organizers that you want to pitch a tent or dig a fireplace, etc. The exact location of your camp within the camp in the event will be determined by the organizers of the camp organization. If you have questions about this topic, you can contact them at any time.

  2. Each participant of the event is obliged to observe the equipment conditions in the camp during the whole event. This also applies to guests who intend to stay longer in the camp.

  3. Modern tents are allowed only in area no. 3, see the Area map.

  4. In the camp it is forbidden to use during the event visibly the achievement of modern civilization - ie cigarettes, mobiles, pet-bottles, watches, modern clothes, cars, modern lamps - flashlights, tesco-torches, modern kerosene lamps, chainsaws, plastic garbage bags, etc. If you still need to use these achievements of modern civilization, you can use them before the start of the event until the official start of the program. Of course, cameras and cameras are an exception, and of course the exception also applies to personal hygiene items in the washroom area. All modern items must be packed in the camp area, on stage and on the battlefield - hidden in period luggage - satchels or handrails or hidden in a closed tent and must not be taken out in public during the event.

  5. Keep the Proviant thoroughly packed in period luggage or stored on period dishes if it is in the eyes of the viewers. Unpack the Proviant only in a closed tent or outside the camp and stage, but definitely out of the viewer's eyes. If you intend to eat and drink in front of the audience, transfer your food to the vintage plates or bowls in the tent and pour the drinks into the vintage cups and containers, or in the worst case, provide a pet-bottle with a canvas bag. Observe these rules especially during the program of the event.

  6. Cooking is a very popular activity. However, if there is a heavily undecorated mess around the cook, this is rather a shame. We should cook in a period way above the fireplace or on an oven etc. in the cauldron of the period, ideally from the period ingredients. It is nonsense, for example, to have Disco cookies on the tables in front of the viewer's eye, even if in a contemporary bowl. To have potatoes on the tables of the late 13th-century magnates, the tomatoes are just not right during the ongoing program. You don't just have to add sawdust and sand to the bread as it used to be in order to comply with the code, but do not use ingredients and food that were not achievable at the time you were presenting; eat and drink whatever you want. Enjoy your meal!

  7. Smoking is prohibited in the camp, on the battlefield and on the stage. Please smoke outside the camp or in closed tents or in places designated for it after the official program, but never in the camp during the program, and this includes pipes, including water pipes. Don't smoke at best! It's not healthy or contemporary :)

  8. Ideally, play the roles you chose in advance. Role-playing has no limits and is welcome, but it does not mean that you have to do so strictly. Have fun playing roles!

  9. Take care of cleaning the camp both during and of course after the event. Do not throw the garbage all around you, even at night. For garbage we recommend to buy a period canvas bag, inside it is equipped with a plastic bag, which you can store somewhere in the tent. Do not spread non-periodic waste around you, and we prefer that period period too! You can bring plastic bags of your own. Please, take the garbage after the event to one pile, closed in bags to the place designated by the organizer - a container will be added!

  10. Help others build the camp and do the camp work, such as digging and later digging the campfire, erecting banners, etc., to make the camp attractive to the audience. As for the construction of Polish fences, we will be happy to provide you with construction material,

  11. When preparing the fireplace always take care of safety and do not do it where prohibited. If you are unsure whether you are allowed to distribute fire in your area, contact our Fire Supervision Department. Cover the fireplace with stones or turf around to minimize the risk of fire and protect the turf so that it can be covered again when the fireplace leaves. Do not ignite the fire by pouring gasoline and lamp oil, do not throw plastic into the fire not only for safety reasons, but mainly for reasons of nature protection, moreover, the fire will often be used for cooking, we do not want to poison.

  12. Please follow the instructions of the organizers! Ideally deal with organizers in direct proportion - the less discussions, the more actions. You are doing unnecessarily wrinkles on your forehead and others. Do not unnecessarily delay or burden the organizers with petty inquiries about information that you can easily find out from our site yourself.

  13. If you are in the camp alone, you better wait for the arrival of others, it is good that your camp is still guarded. Unfortunately, robbers have not disappeared with the end of the Middle Ages and organizers cannot be held responsible for stolen items.

  14. Respect the space of other campers and try to get along with others for good, or be afraid to offer a helping hand.

  15. Please take these camp rules primarily as a recommendation and request, not as a buzz. We want to enjoy the event without unnecessary vigor and together to make Czech historical fencing good business card. We are mainly concerned with the effort, yes man will forget and we understand it. But if we see that someone is grossly and repeatedly violating the camp rules, we may be able to ban such a participant away from the event, which we would not like to do.

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