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Camping at BL 2024

Dear participants,

allow me to briefly inform you about this year's camping at the battle of Libušín. In fact, nothing has actually changed since last year, with the difference that this year there will be more space in the tolerance camp due to the absence of the entire contingent of participants from last year's Buhurt League World Championship.

We managed to get the old camp with tolerance for this year as well, although there is still a risk that it will be the last one available. Fortunately, this is a threat every year and so far we have always managed to obtain an area for the purpose of holding the event. For better orientation, view our Area Map .

In other words, there will be enough space for everyone, with the fact that I would like it if you would respect the established borders of the individual camps from last year and the effort for a chronological sequence, which we would like to preserve this year as well. So:

  1. if you arrive at Libušín, try to camp in the same place as last year, and if you happen to feel the need to change the location, please find me first and let's talk, I wouldn't like to take away someone's traditional place just because someone else just happened to be there this year . The same applies if you are carrying many more tents than last year. One or two tents will be lost, but if you would like to take, for example, a larger group of tents that were not on site last year, please inform me in advance. We try to honor customary "law" and hold the place of those who camped on it last year. However, in our own interest, we would like to point out that it is always better to come and stake out the area in advance, or call us if you are really far away, and we will try to hold a spot for you.

  2. If you are going to Libušín for the first time, please contact me in advance with this information so that I can arrange an ideal spot with you in advance, so that it meets your and our requirements and we avoid unpleasant situations and arguments with other tour participants :)

  3. I recommend arriving early to mark out your camp area with pegs and string. As soon as we announce that the meadow is mowed and mulched, it is possible to mark the campsite. We are not responsible if you arrive at the event and your usual spot is taken. I will try to accommodate you as much as possible, but as they say it is first come first serve. To be sure, stake it out.

  4. We recommend arriving earlier than Friday, because Friday always carries the spirit of a controlled logistical disaster :) and if all the cars arrive on the same day and it happens to still rain, the whole of Libušín will be a mud hell for everyone involved. So feel free to arrive earlier, even a few days earlier if you can, it is possible to arrive a week earlier as soon as it is mowed and it is possible to camp for a longer period before the start of the event, we will let you know and you can arrive. We will be there the weekend before the event. Toilets, water and showers will not arrive until the Thursday before the event, so expect that. The event officially starts on Friday, but you are welcome to come earlier!

  5. Before you arrive at the event, please register by name so that your check-in is faster and unnecessary queues are not formed at the info booth. If you need advice, you can find me simply by completing the registration in Infostan, where you will get a camera, they will call me via radio, or you can find me moving somewhere on Rotyka hill around the Chaichan tea house, or simply call me on my phone. Remember, the more you register in advance, the more convenient your on-site check-in will be. Otherwise, you can also contact me via our chat here on the website (bottom right) or via my personal profile alias Mikuláš Svitáček from Landštejn .

  6. In the camp, there will be enough wood for fires and there should be plenty of straw, both in the new and in the old camp. Think of the others too, if we happen to run out of wood, we will try to bring in more in time.

  7. Please respect the Camp Rules , the Order of the Event and please treat each other with respect and enjoy the event!

We are very much looking forward to everyone! Good luck in the Battle!

Pavel "Kolchoz" Krejčí alias Mikuláš Svitáček from Landštejn and Orgo team BL2024

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