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Festival Participant Registration

Dear friends,

for the basic registration of the festival participant (performer), it is necessary to fill in the registration form attached below. By filling in personal data and confirming the application for registration (see form below), you agree with the wording of the Festival Participant's Declaration , you undertake to comply  Rules of action  and respect the instructions of the organizers of the "Battle of Libušín" festival, observe the Tábor rules and  Equipment conditions , and if you intend to take part in the battle -  you agree with The conditions of the battle participant .

You can add to your registration a payment of a voluntary registration fee, in the recommended minimum amount of CZK 100, - to the organizer's account, kept at bank: Česká spořitelna as, Kladno branch No. 020001-0408426339 / 0800 . Please enter your " First and last name " in the "Message to recipient" field. Account number, including area code, must be entered!  


When paying abroad, state BIC: GIBACZPX and  IBAN CZ48 0800 0200 0104 0842 6339 .

Bank address : Česká spořitelna as, náměstí Svobody 2003, Kladno .


On arrival at the camp, head to the main info-tent, whose location you will find at  map of the camp , where after proving your identity, you will receive a participating badge called "Camrátko". Please wear your nose visibly throughout the event and take care of it carefully. It is your only document that opens all the gates of the complex and proves your right to move freely in it.


Do not forget that by registering on our website you have agreed to all the rules of the event. We recommend that you study them in detail once again.


If you are a stallholders or craftsmen, you need to fill in the Application form for stallholders.

A participant who does not reach the age of at least 18 at the time of the festival does not register or pay the registration fee. He can register for the event or for the battle only individually and in person at the festival info-tent. The condition for registration of a participant under the age of 18 is his / her submission of the completed form Consent of the legal representative . If you are under 18 at the time of the event, please print out the form and submit it when you register at the info-tent. This also applies to all participants under the age of 18 who will attend the event accompanied by their legal representatives.  

Registration form of the festival participant
By registering, you agree to these sets of rules and comply with them
The period of the Middle Ages that you portray

* See the Terms and Conditions page for all rules.

Your participation in the battle

Under which Lord or Army do you go to battle?

Fencing Combat Tournament

Are you going to participate in a fencing tournament? If so, tick the discipline you want to participate in. If you do not wish to participate, please leave this field blank.

Thank you for registering!

Don't forget to stop by our info booth for participant badge!

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