Festival Participant Registration

Dear friends,

for the basic registration of the festival participant (performer), it is necessary to fill in the registration form below. By filling in your personal data and confirming the application for registration (see the form below), you also agree to the wording of the Festival Participant's Declaration and you agree to abide by the Event Rules and respect the instructions of the festival organizers "Battle of Libušín".

To complete your registration, it is necessary to pay a registration fee of CZK 100, - to the account of the organizer, maintained at: 


Česká spořitelna a.s., Kladno branch, account number 020001-0408426339/0800. Please indicate your "Name and surname" in the "Message to the beneficiary" box. Account number including prefix must be entered! If you fail to do so, you run the risk of not finding your payment and causing unwanted complications with your identification upon arrival at the camp.


When paying abroad, please state BIC: GIBACZPX and IBAN CZ48 0800 0200 0104 0842 6339.

Bank address: Česká spořitelna a.s., náměstí Svobody 2003, Kladno.

But the successful payment of the registration fee does not end there. Take the proof of its execution (account statement or postal order) with you at the event and present it on your arrival in the main information tent, whose location can be found on the camp map. After submitting this document and proving your identity, you will receive a Participant´s Badge. It please nose visibly with you throughout the event and take care of it carefully. It is your only document that opens all the gates of the complex and shows your right to move freely in it.

Important notice - do not send participation fees in bulk. Each participant must pay for himself. And do not forget that by registering on our website you have agreed to all the rules of the event. We recommend that you study them in detail again.

If you want to take part in any of the battles, you must fill in the Battle Application form.

If you want to participate in the tournament, you must fill in the Tournament Application form.

If you are stall builders or craftsmen, it is necessary to fill in the Stall Application form.

Registration form of the festival participant
By registering, you agree to these sets of rules and comply with them
The period of the Middle Ages that you portray

* See the Terms and Conditions page for all rules.

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Zaškrtněte kterých bitev se budete účastnit. Vybírejte dle období, které ztvárňujete.

* See the Terms and Conditions page for all rules.