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~ Order of the event ~

The organizer of the Libušín Festival called the Battle of Libušín (hereinafter referred to as “the event”) is the Libušín Fortress Association. Identification number 266 60 211 Address: Samota 45, 27306 Libušín (hereinafter referred to as the “organizer”). Each participant, spectator or any person present at the event is obliged to read and adhere to the Rules of the Event (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”). The organizer has the right to expel a person who seriously or repeatedly violates any provision of these Regulations from the event in accordance with § 2331 of the Civil Code without claiming a refund of the admission or participation fee. Any decision of the organizer is binding for all. Each participant of the event bears responsibility for any damage or injury to a third party. The organizer does not provide any guarantees or liability for damages caused by the behavior of spectators, performers, animals present or other third parties. This concerns the area of ​​the event area as well as the areas reserved for parking vehicles.

Participation in the event is subject to observance of the Regulations and instructions of the organizer or persons authorized by it. In case of any questions, please always contact the authorized representative of the organizer, whose competence is the topic of your question. A detailed breakdown of competences of individual persons can be found in the contacts section.

  • The whole area is forbidden to drive from Saturday 02:00 to Sunday 09:00. Any exceptions must be agreed with the representative of the organizer in charge of parking.

  • arking is only allowed in designated places and at a specified time. The exact parking place will be determined by the representative of the organizer.

  • Motor vehicles parked in the event area (after the sign “No entry” with an additional table “Only with the organizer's permission”) must have a properly filled and visibly placed parking card issued by the event organizer behind the windscreen. In case of violation of this provision, such vehicles will be towed locally and objectively by the competent authority of the Czech Police.

  • The organizer hereby expressly warns that the parking areas (or other places) are not secure parking places. Thus, the organizer is not liable and is not liable for things postponed pursuant to Section 2945 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the “Civil Code”) and does not provide assistance in the eventual settlement of any insured event.

  • Only duly registered participant of the event can camp in the event area at a designated place. The place of camping shall be assigned to each participant by a representative of the organizer-camp leader. Until this happens, the participant is not allowed to camp.

  • Each participant is obliged to leave the premises of the event area by 26 April 2020 at the latest by 24:00. Each participant is obliged to hand over his / her place of camping personally to the camp manager in the state in which he / she accepted him / her on arrival at the event. The participant and the camp leader shall make a record on the handover of the participant's campsite on the organizer's form.

  • Each participant confirms that he / she agrees with all documents and rules of the event by completing their registration for the event via the electronic form at Each participant is obliged to pay the participation fee within the set deadline and on arrival at the event to register in the infostan, where he receives a so-called "camera", which entitles him to free entry into the event area. Each participant is obliged to have the “camera” with him and to present it upon request. By taking over the “camera” the participant also confirms his / her consent to the role in the program, which will be assigned to him / her by the organizer. If the participant does not prove a valid “camera” at the request of the representative of the organizer at any time during the event or if the participant does not fulfill the assigned role in the event program, the organizer is entitled to request the participant to pay the visitor's admission.

  • Unregistered visitors, in civilian clothes or those who do not prove to be “camrat” at the time of the event, can only move on the premises after paying the visitor's entrance fee. The organizer reserves the right to evaluate the character of clothing, whether it is historical or civilian clothing. The decision of the organizer is binding for the participant.

  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children in the event area without the supervision of their legal representatives or persons authorized by them.

  • For safety reasons, it is also not allowed to leave any animals in the event area without the supervision of their carers. The free movement of animals is prohibited.

  • Everyone is obliged to maintain order and observe the general rules of civic coexistence, including observance of good morals in accordance with generally binding Decree No. 2/2016, on ensuring public order and cleanliness in the village of Libušín.

  • With regard to the location of the camp in the immediate vicinity of the Pašijová dráha Nature Reserve, each participant undertakes to act in accordance with Section 34 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., On Nature and Landscape Protection (hereinafter referred to as the “Nature Protection Act”) and Management Plan. on the Passion Railway Nature Reserve prepared in accordance with Section 38 (3) of the Nature Protection Act.

  • The distribution of open fire in the camp is conditioned by the establishment of safe fireplaces and observance of Act No. 201/2012 Coll.

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Řád bivy

~ Order of the Battle ~

Each participant of the battle is obliged to:

  1. Participate in the training. Each participant will receive a Battle Badge for the training

  2. Before entering the battle, go through the mustruňkem (equipment check), which will be carried out by the person authorized by the organizer immediately before the battle at the entrance to the battlefield. The obligatory equipment of each participant in the battle is the “battle camrat”. A participant who does not present his / her “battle camrat” will not be allowed to participate in the battle

  3. Obey orders and orders of commanders and their sergeants,

  4. Obey the organizers' instructions.

  5. No one may participate in a battle or other public program of alcohol or other narcotics. The organizer is authorized to carry out an orientation test of alcohol or addictive substances in accordance with Section 16 of Act No. 379/2005 Coll., On measures to protect against damage caused by tobacco products, alcohol and other Do not allow addictive substances and intoxicated participants to the program or expel them from the program or premises according to § 15 of the above mentioned Act. It is strictly forbidden to use any illegal drugs. For the purposes of control and enforcement of the obligations arising from this point, the organizer is considered to be in charge of the control of persons performing activities in which they could endanger the life or health of themselves or others or damage property within the meaning of the aforementioned Act.

  6. All shooters are obliged to bring with them all their firearms with which they want to participate in the battle. Holders of bows and crossbows shall submit them to the organizer at the request of the organizer for transport and shall also submit all ammunition for inspection. All ammunition for all mechanical firearms shall be authorized by the organizer and the holder of such a weapon shall not be entitled to use any ammunition other than that authorized by the organizer. Each firearm holder is obliged to present the torment mark or its torment protocol to the organizer's representative for inspection. Only persons over 18 years of age are allowed to take part in contact fights or operate firearms. Participation of persons under 18 years of age in the program of the event is possible only with the prior consent of the organizer and the consent of the legal representative of this juvenile person.

  7. In the public stage program of the event, each participant is obliged to take into account the safety of spectators and other participants. We are fighting, but we don't want to hurt us. We recommend avoiding face attacks, uncontrolled movements of arms, and excessive hardness. It can never be certain how good armor or protection other participants use, in what condition they are and in what fundamentals.

Each participant is obliged to abide by and abide by the Order of the Battle and the Order of the Event.

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