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Press registration for photographers, journalists and cameramen BL 2024

Are you a journalist who would like to write a report on the Battle of Libušín? Or are you an avid photographer who would like to take interesting and unique pictures? Or are you shooting popular videos on youtube? Would you like to film and photograph the battle without a thousand crowds of spectators?

If you would like to get a better place to take videos or photos from the Battle of Libušín, we have prepared a place for you in the front line in front of the audience. It is a defined strip of several meters between the auditorium and the stage. If you are interested in this priority place, you need to stop by our Infostan to perform a PRESS registration.

If you process PRESS, you will gain access to VIP zones, intended exclusively for photographers, journalists and cameramen. The number of registrations is limited, so please come to register as soon as possible.

Don't know where to find Infostan? Take advantage of the Site Map!

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