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Learn something about the medieval justice!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Medieval justice has always been notorious for its harsh punishments. Even in the Middle Ages, there was no shortage of unworthy citizens. Because justice is blind, the blow often fell on a good man too. That's how life goes. In the Middle Ages, however, it always had an ugly consequences when you got into the hands of an executioner.

Torture law (torture or torture) is a term for torture within a legally defined scheme during investigation and interrogation. Torture was a common part of investigations in secular and ecclesiastical courts in the Middle Ages and early modern times, when it was considered a legitimate way to obtain the confession of the accused.

Torture and executions were an integral part of ecclesiastical and secular law and were an integral part of medieval life. That is why we will show you how criminals, sinners and other lost souls were punished in the Middle Ages. You can look forward not only to whipping, batting, heating, but also to hanging on a hook and gallows.

As part of the accompanying program, a foreign Slovak historical fencing group Taurus Ater will perform, showing you the executioner's craft with all the glory. You will also learn a lot about the medieval law of suffering and you will certainly have fun with it!

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