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The Pilsen Knight's Ride will conquer Libušín Battlefield!

Two important Pilsen cooperating companies will also send their knightly riders to the Libušín battlefield - Plzeňský landfrýd and Plzeňští, spolek šermířů a přátel historie. He will also join the two major associations jízda Rytířů Koruny České, so expect the earth to literally shake under the hooves of the horses!

Since 2009, these Pilsen equestrian associations have been organizing historical events from various periods from the Gothic period to the First World War. Under their banner, swordsmen, dancers, jugglers, musicians, musketeers, artillery and horse riders perform.

They regularly revive various castles and chateaux and organize extensive battles. The season regularly begins in the spring with the Hussite Battle of Sudoměř and in the autumn with the Baroque Musketeers in Pilsen.

In the meantime, thanks to them, the castles of Velhartice and Točník and the Kozel chateau come to life.

Several times, they organized the entire program of the important event Historical Weekend in Pilsen - this will happen this year, when the city returns to the time of John of Luxembourg.

Unforgettable are the battles on the famous Prague hill - "Hussites in Vítkov"!

The royal city of Pilsen also hosts famous equestrian knights' tournaments on St. Václav, which these two associations have been organizing for many years.

Of course, the Pilsen Landfryd also existed in the past, when in the 15th century it united Catholic lords from Western Bohemia.

These two associations are now following up on a glorious time - they try to hold their events in historically authentic places and especially, if possible, on the anniversary of events that they commemorate with their performances and festivities.

On the Libušín plain, you will see the armored riders of the current Pilsen Landfryd, who will lead the ranks on foot and will also compete with their opponents in the saddle.

On behalf of the Pilsen Landfrog and the Pilsen Association of Swordsmen and Friends of History, important personalities of Czech historical fencing will lead their ride and pedestrian ranks:

Petr "Prcek" Schleiss

Michal "Moše" Illich

Petr "Mrak" Merxbauer

For us, the organizers of this year's Battle of Libušín festival, it is an honor to welcome all three associations on our battlefield. We believe that this will make the mighty ride once and for all part of the Libušín battles, as it used to be in the Middle Ages!

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