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Registration 2024 just started!

Updated: Mar 8

At the beginning of 2024, we started registration for this year's festival Bitva Libušín. We are constantly working to make the program attractive for you, the participants, and for everyone to find "something for themselves".

We have some news, so let us remind you again that the registration form is ready for you and mention what's new.

You can register for this year's Battle of Libušín, like every year, HERE .

First of all, allow us to repeat some sad, for others pleasant news. Namely the fact that there will be no HMB tournament this year during our traditional festival. There are several reasons why. To put it simply, this year we will deal with HMB activities on a different date, outside of the Battle of Libušín festival. We are now working witch MFC Česká korouhev HMB club to set the right date for a bigger tournament this year, so dont be sad, you will have a chance again to participate in duels, profights, 5vs5, 12vs12 and we hope in 30vs30 as well. So if you are willing to cross your sword in the full contact tournament, stay tuned, the Libušín HMB Tournament will be held, but later this year!

We are thinking first for our traditional participants and we would not want the combatives to come up short. That is why we welcomed their initiative and would like to add a Fencing Combat Tournament to the festival program this year. According to the rules with counting hits. We offer duel, 2 vs. 2 and 5 vs. 5 bridge disciplines. Pay careful attention to the application form and please tick your interest in the fencing tournament by signing up for the individual categories of the tournament.

Last year, an archery tournament took place. We would like to repeat it this year due to its great success. Apply for the archery tournament directly to Dalibor from Kozojed, as you did last year. You can find the connection in the contacts section.

You already know everything else. You need to fill in the name of your group and category, how you will participate in the festival and whether you will also participate in the battle.

Finally, thank you for your voluntary participation contributions. They help us a lot to organize a festival with full facilities, so that there were enough toilets, there were showers, you had enough wood. The account number to which you can send contributions can be found in the text of the application form. If it is more convenient for you, you can also send them collectively as one amount per group. Don't forget to include in the message to the recipient who the money is from.

Thank you very much for every coin!!!

Please register in time, so that we can organize the layout of the camp to your satisfaction, so that there are no jams on arrival, and everything can be planned in advance in peace.

Soon we will release more info!

We look forward to seeing you,

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