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Battle Libušín 2024: Tribute to Jan Žižka

The largest Czech medieval historical festival The Battle of Libušín was founded in 1991 as one of the first events of its kind in Europe. This year we are organizing the 31st year of this important event, which over the years has grown into one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

This year, the festival will be held for spectators as a one-day festival on April 27, 2024. It will commemorate the important anniversary of 600 years since the death of one of the greatest military leaders of the Middle Ages: Jan Žižka from Trocnov.

This year's battle will be special and unusual. You will see the story of Válka, as the girl in black, who goes through history and takes the lives of noble and common people on her side and makes them her servants for her nefarious plans. For centuries, she has been destroying families, lives, and there is no one to stand up to her. And is there really no one like that? Come see for yourself.

You can meet several thousand participants and performers from all over the world in the area of the Battle of Libušín festival on an area of several hectares. There will be war horses, fencing performances, stunts, demonstrations of medieval crafts, concerts of period music, demonstrations of period dances, you can see a medieval camp, and in the period market you can buy really interesting souvenirs and items of everyday use of a medieval person. The early medieval Hradiště Libušín with an interesting interpretation is also worth a visit. Last but not least, medieval pubs full of good food and drink await you. Come and experience the Middle Ages to the fullest with us!

The venue and date of the festival are not just random. The hill under which the Battle of Libušín takes place is dedicated to Saint George, the patron saint of knights. His holiday is April 24. The hill of St. George near Libušín as such is also connected with the beginnings of Czech statehood, as it is archaeologically proven that in the 10th century AD there was a Přemyslov hillfort in Hradište Libušín. And so, quite characteristically, the medieval camp of all the performers is spread out under this hill. You can also visit it as part of the festival. You will see the life of the early, peak and late medieval man. You can familiarize yourself with the equipment of medieval warriors. Take a close look at period tents, civilian and military encampments, demonstrations of handicrafts, many of which you will be able to try, get answers to your questions and buy authentic interesting products.

The accompanying program of the entire festival is also worth paying attention to, where you can watch an archery tournament, visit a children's corner or watch various performances by jugglers, clowns and street artists accompanied by historical period music. You can also make your journey into the past deliciously pleasant in our pub, which offers a rich selection of drinks and food.

The Battle of Libušín Festival is a return to history full of knowledge, exceptional experiences and unusual entertainment for the whole family. Each year has an original program that is never repeated.

Don't miss it and we look forward to seeing you!

Josef F. S. Král, Libušín Fortress

Facebook event HERE

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