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Wood and fires during the festival

The distribution of open fire in the camp is conditioned by the law of the Czech Republic. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire outside the camp area. Each participant is responsible for damage caused by improper handling of open fire.

If you have any questions about lighting fires, contact our fire control organizer. The organizers reserves the right to ban fires throughout the event, especially if it is ordered by the relevant authorities. If there is not openly said that fires are allowed to set, each participant is obliged to notify our fire supervisor in advance of his intention to start a fire and wait for his consent to do so. Firewood for participants will be available for collection at the specific place. The wood is available for each participant without restriction for the quantity, but please be reasonable :)

Wood will be available at the marked place in the form of an uncut logs, so each participant must cut or chop the wood himself or herself. The organizer does not provide axes or saws, we recommend that you take these tools with you to the event. The use of chainsaws for these purposes on the premises for the duration of the event is prohibited!

It is strictly forbidden to cut down trees in the area and its surroundings. By violating this prohibition, you run the risk of being penalized according to the laws of the Czech Republic and with the risk of being expelled from the festival.

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