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The wandering Čajchan tea house honors us with the treasures of the Orient!

Potulná čajovna Čajchan, this is where time stood still ... ⏳🏺🪔

You no longer have to travel to distant lands to get to know the tastes and treasures of the Orient, the sweet smell of incense, the smell of hookahs and teas of strange flavors. That wandering caravan of tea trees from the Orient strayed to us! 🐪🐪🐪🕌

Now all you have to do is visit our historical festival!

Do you like strong Arabic coffee with cardamom or strong Touareg? Or do you like Masal? Thanks to the experienced tea makers of the Tchaikovsky teahouse, you can go on a trip to Timbuktu, as well as taste various great delicacies or tasty tobaccos. ☕️🧉

Čajchan Tea Tent is also a popular place where many musicians like to put their heads down and dip their nimble fingers into the sound strings. Become a guest of this gem of the Orient and enjoy the extraordinary unique atmosphere it offers exclusively only the Potulná čajovna Čajchan! 🎼🎻🪕

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