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The Camp and The Area Map

Dear viewers and performers,

we present to you a map of the Battle of Libušín 2023 area. Try to orientate yourself so that you can find everything in the places you know. Exactly as you are used to from previous years.

Nevertheless, this year is happy to bring news, in many ways perhaps fundamental, but I believe that in the end we will all find the courage in ourselves and simply accept the new things that are coming. For a long time, for several years, we have announced that the camp in the area of ​​the former swimming pool, as we all remember it and has grown to our hearts, is unfortunately coming to an end. This area is awaiting a major reconstruction into a new, multifunctional area, which the citizens have agreed to and want to use all year round for their sports or leisure activities. Many new things will be created here, including a modern natural amphitheater for holding completely cultural events. And I'm sure that's a good thing.

None of the buildings as we all remember them are currently standing. The swimming pool was also transformed into an open space by earthmoving machinery. There are only two piles of recycled construction material in the entire area, and it is more or less a construction site.

The area of ​​the former swimming pool can still be used, but given that we would not allow you to use it. Her condition is no longer up to the standard you are used to. That is why this year we decided to take a step that we have been announcing for several years. In the area of ​​the swimming pool there will only be a camp with tolerance and stables for horses.

As a result, this means that we are moving the entire camp of festival participants to the locations of the new camp as we have been preparing it for 3 years. That is, next to the original LH camp. Maybe it can be a pity, maybe nostalgia works in all of us, but let's face it. We are moving the camp to the places where it should have been from the beginning. To places in the immediate vicinity of the original early medieval Hradiště Libušín. The so-called This year, for the first time, the period marketplace will be located on the original merchant's path, as our ancestors operated it for centuries before us.

Maybe it will take time, maybe it will take getting used to, maybe it will just want to look forward and not look back. But I believe, I am convinced, that we are going in the right direction.

Thank you for your favor, tolerance and your courage to take that step with us. We are fully at your disposal for your new camping. You can come at any time, even before the festival, and touch your new place, get to know it and, in fact, choose it. We are ready to accommodate you as much as possible.

We look forward to seeing you,

Good luck in the Battle!

...for the organizing team of Battle of Libušín

Josef F. S. Král.

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