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The Battle of Libušín 2022 will take place!

Dear friends.

The preparations for the Battle of Libušín 2022 are already in full swing and we are fully convinced that for the third time it will not be in vain.

In the last two years, a lot of water in the rivers has drained and a lot has changed. Nevertheless, we would be very happy to see you again to join the festival tradition as participants, and that you´ll have a chance to experience again a beautiful enjoyments that connect us all.

We are very pleased with the flood of your (and foreign) questions regarding the program, the location of the camp, but also the offers of your help. We are slowly approaching the finalization of specific features of this year and we are very happy to answer everything you need to know.

Everyone who has paid the participation fee for the year 2020 can certainly count on us postponing their payment to this year.

  • We will try to prepare the camp as much as possible so that it copies the territory of the 2019 and older camp. Now, the only news we can share is that the brigades of the raised terraces of Hradiště Libušín are still planned, on the other hand, the reconstruction of the swimming pool has not yet started, so there are still more variants. In any case, it still applies that the owners of non-period tents (igloos, etc.) will have a separated area. We have a lot more areas available than you were used to from previous years, so we hope everyone will definitely fit comfortably.

  • Changes, and hopefully for the better, will be on the battlefield. We plan to build solid scenery and landscaping, which will remain in place for the needs of the following years, so we would be able to upgrade it in next years. So you can look forward to the environment of the battle, which will offer greater authenticity of the fight and significantly deeper experiences of participating in the Battle!

  • The Battle of Libušín Festival is primarily a presentation of all of you who participate in it. We would like to welcome not only your further suggestions and questions, we will be happy to give space to all of you who would be interested not only in participating in the Battle, but also to present your group with a short entertainment or demonstration, which can interestingly enrich the program in terms of variety and instruction.

We look forward to seeing you,

for the organizers Josef F. S. Král, Libušín Fortress

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