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The 30th anniversary of the Battle of Libušín awaits us!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Dear friends,

Each of us, whether as a child, a spectator, a lover of history, a reincarnated knight or simply as a simple dreamer, from time to time our thoughts get bogged down in the distant history, to our roots, to the ages long past, where we come from. From this point of view, 30 years or so is just an insignificant drop in an infinite ocean. But on the other hand, what is the ocean? Just a large number of individual drops ….

30 years is a long time. It is the whole life of one human generation. Still, you blink a few times, and it's gone. But even so, there is absolutely everything in it. Battles of the whole world, birth, dying, a path drenched in mud and sun, a fight with dragons, and with one's own determination to go on. To go on, even if the way is lost for others. To go on, for that moment of fall and glory, to go on, so that those after us can also, live our dreams.

After all, when we meet for the thirtieth time in Libušín this year, there will certainly be many opportunities to recap or reminisce. I am convinced that it is useful.

As an organizer, I feel a great responsibility. Above all, to learn from the mistakes of previous years, to be grateful for the weather we have had in recent years, but also to have respect and humility for all those who walked my path before me, and above all for those who raised that imaginary banner on the battlefield as first.

The Battle of Libušín is the endless ocean of all of us. Without every single drop from all of us, whether from the sweat on our faces, from our emotions, or from the pain and happiness of each of us, there would be no Battle of Libušín.

Please let's take it that way. We take it as a challenge that if someone is interested in implementing their initiative, we offer space for it in the Bitvy Libušín 2023 program. This year we were given that the weekend after St. George's Day falls in such a way that the following Monday is May 1st, i.e. another holiday. Let's take advantage of it, shall we? There seems to be plenty of space. We would start approximately Thursday, Friday, 27-28. 4. through the HMB tournament. On Saturday, April 29, 2023, we will organize a traditional Battle, of course with an accompanying program, as we know it from previous years. Then on Sunday, April 30, there will be time for various games and pastimes, such as the Soule game, HEMA tournament, an archery tournament, or anything else that anyone would be interested in. On the evening of Sunday, April 30, we will make a big communal fire, on which we would occasionally burn everything old. We could then leave for our homes on Monday, May 1.

We have everything in front of us now. We are already preparing a lot of new things as well as spinning the old ones. Our organizing team is slowly adding to the cauldron and starting to spin the wheel that will one day write that history. What it will be like, how we will lose it in the next thirty years, to those who come after us, we will tell what we will experience and gain together, we now have it in our hands.

I wish all of us something to remember, let the endless drops be worth it!

I look forward to your suggestions, and cooperation, and to seeing you in person...

For the organizing team

Josef F. S. Král

Libušín fortress

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