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Registration fee change!

Dear participants of the Battle of Libušín festival.

Many of you turn to us with a question about the meaning of participation (registration) fees.

In principle, my opinion is that the meaning of the fee for participation in the event, its existence on the participants, is relative. But to explain it. The participation fee was never a ticket. The money we collect from you in this way is used to ensure your comfort and service associated not with your participation, but with your stay in the event area. We buy firewood for it, we provide mobile toilets and showers, we prepare the camp, we clean up garbage. The prices of everything are constantly rising. For this year, the budget of these costs alone is almost CZK 200,000. And that's not enough.

We understand that even though paying a registration fee may be unnecessary or inaccessible to someone. They were happy to create a Festival that will bring together its participants. As organizers, we would feel comfortable in advance if we participated in the festival to condition something that creates barriers or is an obstacle for someone.

Therefore, we decided to change the registration fee for the Battle of Libušín 2022 to voluntary. We set its recommended minimum amount at CZK 100 per participant. We will not condition your participation by paying it, but we will not prevent anyone from paying even more, given the above. The participation fee does not serve for us, the organizers. It serves the participants to ensure your comfort and hygienic facilities.

If you have already paid the participation fee and would insist on its return, please ask for an application for registration in the event in the info stand.

In any case, it is necessary to register as a participant! You can register HERE.

You can express your possible opinions (please matter-of-factly on the topic) in the comments.

Thank you for your understanding, I believe that you will continue to be well taken care of in the camp and we look forward to seeing you in the Festival camp!

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Ich bitte um eine Antwort auf meine E-Mail - Danke Tobias Graf von Einsiedel-Scharfe


Bitva Libušín
Bitva Libušín
Mar 10, 2022
Replying to

We are replying at your emails asap. We will inform the information center about your request. Expect answer soon!

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