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Queen Richenza and her courtiers will also visit Libušín!

Dear spectators, history lovers, friends!

We have a great news for you. Queen Elizabeth Richenza herself will come to Libušín with her courtiers and army, who will take part in battle this year.

The project of the medieval court of Queen Elizabeth Richenza of Hradec Králové is based on the idea of ​​trying to revive the exhibition court of queen Richenza, who was the Czech and Polish queen who was settled in Eastern Bohemia and later in Moravia as a widow. The court means the people who make it up, ie nobles, clergy, burghers and servants, including guests.

By recreating the hierarchy of the time, he tries to reconstruct the mentality of medieval people of all walks of life. The members of this association are mainly interested in contemporary politics and the issue of everyday life. Queen Richenza's courtiers deal with the causes of significant political events, their consequences and the impact on individual sections of society.

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