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Hell fire will be released over Libušín!

Updated: Mar 16

As you surely know, we will celebrate this year's festival in the spirit of flames, as this year's jubilee year is based on the celebration of the burning of witches. The hellish flames will burn many a body on Saturday night, the sight of few will be spared from their mighty power!

We are waiting for a dance acrobatic Fireshow loosely inspired by the Middle Ages and mysticism. Original narrative costumes, masks and non-traditional fire props combined with sophisticated choreography will bring you a unique visual experience.

HellFire: an original group of artists who combine fire and light show elements with acrobatics, martial arts, dance and other movement elements. The members of the group already have many years of experience both on the domestic and foreign scene, and as such they promise you a truly extraordinary experience.

HellFire will perform his show on Saturday from 8:30 - 9:00 PM!

HellFire will put a spectacular end to the all-day Saturday program, and we really believe that you will enjoy their original fire show!

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