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Krless will play for you for merriment!

What else can you look forward to as part of the accompanying program? To today's world-famous and highly successful band of medieval music!

KRLESS is an ensemble that interprets European music from the 13th to the 15th century, ie the High Middle Ages. In the music of KRLESS you will hear echoes of medieval spirituality, pub dance, oriental sensuality and rock drive of the contemporary world.

KRLESS plays both so-called secular music - songs and compositions of pubs and markets, students and vagrants, court feasts and folk festivities, as well as originally arranged compositions and songs of a spiritual nature.

KRLESS's repertoire offers songs and compositions from all over Europe - from oriental Turkish to Italy, Germany, France to Spain and England. There are also a number of songs from the Czech Republic. We sing all the songs in the original languages ​​and play musical instruments, some of which are more or less faithful replicas made according to preserved documents and illustrations, some are more modern versions of the original medieval instruments, adapted to current requirements of the way of playing and sound character.

The basis of KRLESS consists of four singing musicians, since 2005 KRLESS has also performed in a concert XXL ensemble, expanded by double bass and accompanying vocalists. Such an expanded ensemble presents a medieval concert show on a large stage, where the influences of contemporary popular and rock music are projected in the performance and arrangement of original medieval songs and compositions.


Medieval crossover is the way KRLESS approaches the processing and interpretation of medieval music. Do not expect an attempt at reconstruction in the sense of living history or an attempt at a "true medieval" interpretation. KRLESS transforms medieval music with the perspective, energy and charge that today's listener expects. They do not avoid the intertwining of musical styles, the Middle Ages performed by KRLESS is a mixture of original early music, contemporary folk, folklore, blues, rock and Jewish and Arabic music. Its concept is closer to contemporary world music.

KRLESS have been performing on Czech and foreign stages since 1994, during which time you could meet them at castles and chateaux, historical markets, city festivities, period and stylized banquets, social events and festive occasions.

You can also see KRLESS in clubs and concert halls, separately or as part of composed programs. He also participates in the filming of television and film programs and collaborates in the production of theater performances.

KRLESS often perform together with jugglers and dance groups, whose performances are complemented by original musical accompaniment.

More on the band's website:

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