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Join to the Peregrins too!

Dear spectators, participants, friends of history, historical music and fencing!

It is our nice duty to introduce you another band of medieval music Peregrin. which will play for your and our pleasure! Many, especially participants of our festival, do not need to introduce this great band. Everybody knows, who heard the lovely tones in his ear, even those who danced spinning arround like a wheel, will surely remember the wild exuberant merriment that always accompanies their magical art!

Peregrins are pilgrims of the land ruled by Musica, the muse of the muses of all musicians. They roam here and there, from the far reaches of the Occident to the exoticism of the Orient, through the rawness of the North into the arms of the rhythmic South, their ruler knows no boundaries.

The inspiration is whispered to them by troublemakers and troubadours from the gray Middle Ages, lute masters of the cultivated Renaissance, but also rhythmic magicians of the present with a sensible harmony of the future - music surpasses even time.

They play songs and melodies from temples and barns, city markets, and craft pubs listen to them, as well as castle festivities and banquets. Music doesn't make a difference between people, rich or poor, everyone likes it anyway!

Join the Peregrines and you, like them, will become a pilgrims through the spinning world of magical Music.

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