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HMB fighters will compete in full contact duels!

The morning full contact tournament will also include duel fights within the Profight discipline, which will take place in 2x2 minutes, according to the rules of the international association WMFC. It is a tournament discipline of a very uncompromising style of fighting, where the wrestlers are not only credited points, but the fight can also end in a total victory K.O. If the warriors are on the ground, the fight continues. In this very hard and physically demanding discipline, a total of 10 fighters in various weight categories will compete during our tournament. Come and support your favorites in our medieval arena!

You could see the professionals in Kladno in the ropes already during the 14th and 17th gala night Night of the Warriors or as an integral part of the Jablonec gala evening Night of the Slavic Warriors. Gradually, we will introduce you to individual pairs of fighters who will compete for valuable prizes, medals and honor. Don't miss this unique spectacle, these are not rehearsed fights, but a real medieval cut for absolute victory!

Let's introduce individual fights and fighters!

Martin Alpák Špaček - Czech republic

HMB klub MFC Vysočina


Florian Kolbe - Germany

Martin "Alpák" Špaček is an experienced fighter who will fight not only for his own, but also for the honor of one of the oldest Czech HMB clubs, MFC Vysočina. You could recently see Martin fighting in this discipline at the fifth martial arts gala evening, Night of the Slavic Warriors, where he won over Martin Vašák from MFC Česká korouhev.

Florian Kolbe is a seasoned fighter from the German HMB club Bayard Germany. This HMB club focuses mainly on Profights, even if there are no bulls in Budurt! Florian is a guy like a mountain, just like an Alpine, and both fighters will compete in the category of super heavy weight 95+ kg! This will be the hardest match of the tournament and it will definitely be a tough duel in which it will not be an easy victory!

Petr Vladov Петър Владов - Bulgaria


Within a medium weight of up to 85 kg, two fighters will compete together. The seasoned fighter Petr Vladov from the Bulgarian sports club Druzjina Baradj, who has 6 wins and two losses, will face the fighter from Bayard Germany, Alexander Reljac, for whom this duel will be a premiere. He is also a seasoned Buhurt fighter, but this will be his official Profight!


Petr Mark No club affiliation

In the next fight, there will be a mix of weights, medium and heavy weights, when both fighters agreed gentlemanically that they would not deal with the few kilos here and there. Petr is not a member of any club and will exceptionally fight for himself! Petr Mark is an older and more experienced medium weight fighter, but Jakub is a newcomer, even though he is already a heavyweight. So the fight will certainly be balanced and there will definitely be something to look at!

Petr Štefánek - Czech republic


Kai Knobelsdorff - Germany

Within a medium weight of up to 85 kg, two fighters will compete together. Our colors will be defended by an experienced domestic fighter Petr Štefánek from the Prague sports club SKSKB Prague, against whom a fighter from the German sports club Ferox Kai Knobelsdorff will face.


With a light weight of up to 75 kg, two fighters will compete together. Both fighters are young beginners, even though František already has one profight behind him, in which he won, for both fighters this fight will be a baptism of fire! His opponent Dennis is a complete newcomer and this will be his very first HMB fight and first profight! Come support both warriors in our medieval arena!

The tournament is organized as part of the morning program of the medieval festival Battle of Libušín, within which you can also look forward to mass fights 5vs5, as well as matches in other weight categories!

The main point of the program is the magnificent medieval battle and the accompanying program. The festival will offer spectators a day full of experiences from 10:00 to 22:00, when the program will end with a fireshow at the end of the evening concert, during which three great bands will perform. You can't miss it!

The event will take place on April 23 in the village of Libušín near Kladno, near the former swimming pool in the morning from 10:30.

You can find the Program of the event on the front page of our website!

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