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Composer Jiří Batěk is preparing music for the Battle of Libušín!

Jiří Batěk is a singer and music producer. Born in 1972 in Zlín. In the nineties, he studied opera and jazz singing with a private singing teacher and hudeník, Roman Rýdel. After that, he was dedicated to swing and rock music as a singer. After 2000, he collaborated on many rock and pop projects as a studio singer. At the same time, he was the frontman and lyricist in the rock band Bonasha. Since 2017, he has been dedicated to his own music creation and its sound side. As a composer of film music, he prefers dramatic themes that do not lack dynamics. Jura complied with our wish and composed melodies and complex music for the battle scenes, which literally froze the blood in the veins, for last year's Libušín battle. With this, we would like to thank Jura for his songwriting skills, which he put into our beautiful joint project. You could already hear his compositions during the battles of the last year, during all three acts. However, you'll have to wait for the new war tunes until "this year's" battle breaks out! Let's be surprised by what Jura has prepared for us this time, it will surely be worth it again!

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