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Camping in Libušín

Dear friends, swordsmen, ladies and gentlemen!

We have good news for you about the changes in the camp at the Battle of Libušín. As you may have noticed, we updated the Site Map yesterday. You have certainly read from the map that the original old camp above the pub will be available again, as in earlier times.

Teď trochu vysvětlení k nové letošní mapě areálu.

1. Historical camp - this means in the old slang "zone 1", ie the zone for living history enthusiasts (hereinafter LH). The old camp above the pub cannot be expected to be available with certainty in the future, we must think about future developments. Therefore, we have decided that the primary LH zone will be situated mainly at the camp behind the battlefield marked with the number (1) in the map. In this camp, please comply with the Camp Rules, and if you do not dare to become part of the living history zone with your equipment, please choose accommodation within the camp with tolerance (2). During Saturday's event, or outside of battle time, both camps will be open to spectators. Within the LH camp, we would like to build the camp chronologically from the 16th century (starting at the battlefield) to the RS towards the back side of the valley, so that the spectators can have a time comparison and during the walk they can get didactically enriched by differences between the medieval time periods. Coordination of the construction of the camp will be in charge of specific persons to whom you will be able to turn, see contacts.

2. The same rules are set for "Camp with Tolerance" as before the so-called "2. The camp in this part is intended for both LH and KM swordsmen (KM-Koukaté Minimum). Historic tents are tolerated in this camp, but not modern tents. Modern tents exclusively in the 3rd zone in the forest behind the Valley The old camp (2) is in control according to previous customs, as we please, we do not want to interfere too much with the customs that prevailed in the camp before. KM we recommend the area behind the period market, you have the whole Valley of Pigs at your disposal, as it was before.

3. Please place non-historical tents in the 3rd zone, defined by the number (3). Please put the tents as much as possible into the forest as much closer the forest road. We are primarily concerned that modern bubble-tents etc., should not be seen by spectators from the battlefield or the historical market at first sight. The original areas around the pool area will no longer be available, so if you used to camp there, please, if you have non-historical tents, move to the forest behind the Valley of the Pigs. It could spoil the overall good impression if the tents were visible from the auditorium. If you leave your non-historical tent at home, we will prefer it, but we understand that for those who have limited travel storage space (see motorcycles, etc.), or if you travel by train, you have to sleep somewhere, so this space is determined for you. Thank you for your understanding!

Camp preparation:

There will be no big changes, the camp will be more or less the same as it was in previous years, if you were used to camping somewhere.

We plan to organize several brigades to prepare the camp. Please follow the news on our website, you will find out the dates of the brigades in time. Brigade participants will have the opportunity, in agreement with our representative, to directly choose a specific place for their group's camp. We understand that the place of camping is important for everyone. As we have already mentioned, we will be based on the established customs of the past years and we will try our best to accommodate everyone. If you live abroad, we understand that it is a nonsense to see you in the Camp before the festival starts, but if you live in Czech republic, you are still welcome anytime since today! If you want to book some space, ask our Camp organizers.

Thank you for your attention, Yours Josef František Král.

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