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Battle Libušín 2023 St.George tribute!

Tickets are already on sale! You can buy tickets today and HERE!

The biggest festival of the Middle Ages in recent years in the world. This year our festival celebrate the 30th year that we have dedicated to honoring St. George. He is the patron not only of our festival, but also of all knights in general. And what awaits you this year?

World Championship - Buhurt League World Cup

Full contact battles in full armor and with medieval weapons, in which 57 teams from 31 countries of the world will participate! The last one standing wins!

Thursday 27 April 2023: 1 x 1 matches

Friday 28 April 2023: group fights 5x5

Saturday 29 April 2023: group fights 12x12, 30x30, all x all, where more than 300 full-contact fighters are expected to clash!

Sunday 30 April 2023: seminars on medieval full-contact combat, open to the general public

The Battle of Libušín: a tribute to St. George, and the accompanying program

The 30th year of the traditional battle with a rich accompanying program. We will recall the events of world history in which the figure of St. George himself appears. Many stunts and pyrotechnic effects await you, the largest vehicle wall in the history of scenic battles, a night battle, hundreds of fighters and dozens of horses in dramatically exciting situations that have never been seen before.

29 April 2023

- archery, camp demonstrations, workshops for children, execution

- The Battle of Libušín - a scenic battle in two acts

- free battle all against all

- Subulcus - unplugged concert

- Night fireshow

30 April 2023

- Archery tournament

- Guided tour of Hradiště (translation into world languages ​​provided)

- Beroun burghers: Fencing performance

- KEY: a concert by a legendary band

- Night Battle

- Lighting a great fire to burn heretics

- Community fun open to the public

You can find more information about the event program on the front page of our website

We look forward to seeing you!

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