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Barbora - the largest Czech medieval cannon arrives in Libušín!

The largest Czech medieval cannon will also take part in the III. Act of the Battle of Libušín. The howitzer Barbora weighs a terrible 350 Kg and has an incredible 117 mm caliber! The Burghers of Beroun, who will serve Barbora during the battle in the role of the Lancnecht artillery, also lent other gems of medieval artillery to the battle. Another their medieval weapons which will arive, deserve a lot of respect, we moved to Libušín today, are the 150 kg chamber rifle with a caliber of 65 mm, and a chamber rifle - Lancknecht culverine on wheels weighing 100 kg and 55 mm caliber.

When Barbora shoots, we recommend covering your ears and opening your mouth, because you will feel the sound and shock wave passing around you even from a great distance. Barborka will sing to us in the third act of the Battle of Libušín after the arrival of the Lancknecht infantry!

Burghers of Beroun are a world-famous guild of historical and stage fencing, theater, period dances, music, jugglers, organizers of epic adventure games and team buildings, educational programs, stylish banquets, night fire shows, organizers of city festivities, old crafts, medieval markets. The Burghers of Beroun realize productions of battle and conquest scenes, fireworks, historical demonstrations and shows of martial arts and other educational and entertaining programs. They realize production of programs from different historical periods for companies, celebrations, banquets, cities and castles.

The Burghers of Beroun are among the legends of Czech historical fencing and it is a great honor for us to welcome their members to the Libušín battlefield!

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