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The knight's cavalry will dominate the battlefield!

Aktualizováno: 24. 3. 2022

Dear Spectators,

It is our duty to inform you that the Libušín battlefield will be ruled by a knight's cavalry!

As part of the afternoon program, we are prepering a spectacular battle for you, which will be divided into three Acts. These Acts will commemorate three important medieval battles that affected the fate of the Czech Kingdom and the knights' ride of the Knights of the Czech Crown will take part in the fight too!

The world-famous historical fencing group Knights of the Czech Crown, which will honor us with their participation, has also lent other props to the afternoon program, such as war chariots, but above all they will bring their four-legged counterparts with whom they will lead our infantry armies into the battle.

The Rytíři Koruny České (Knights of the Czech Crown) group was founded in Pilsen in 1990 by Martin Cholinský. Gentlemen and ladies from the RKČ have extensive experience in organizing their own events, fencing performances in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, as well as filming films, series and historical documentaries.

The group consists of approx. 20 members and several externs who have costumes and props from antiquity to the French Revolution.

Group participates in the organization of city festivals and other historical events. They have gained a lot of experience, for example, in France, where they have performed regularly since 2003. They also participated in many events in Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Italy. You could see their members in dozens of films or documentaries such as The Knight's Tale, Joan of Arc, The Chronicles of Narnia, Warcraft, Long Live the Knights, The Musketeers, Migration of Nations, Britannia, Knightfall, Jan Žižka and others.

We believe that you will like the performances of the Knights of the Czech Crown and that you will not miss this exceptional spectacle!

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