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Registration for the Tournament

Dear HMB friends,

this year, in addition to participating in several battles, you will be able to participate in a full contact tournament according to HMBia and WMFC rules. The tournament will be divided into two disciplines. Profight (duels) and Buhurt (mass battles). The rules concerning both disciplines can be found below in the documents in PDF format. Prior to the outbreak of the tournament, the control of the individual participants' arms and armor (Marshals) will be carried out. If you are not sure whether you qualify but would like to take part in the tournament, come to the arena to check and the Marshal will decide whether or not to let you into the fight. You can also inquire in advance with the tournament coordinator - see contacts.

A few key rules to highlight:

  • All parts of the body must be well covered, especially the neck and back.

  • Armor must be based on sheet metal or sheet metal parts, so armor only on the basis of rings or leather will not be accepted.

  • Helmets must have visors or cover their entire face. The ring-shaped face protection must be a supplement to the fixed cage.

  • The helmet must be of solid material, at least 2.5 mm sheet.

  • Weapons must comply with the Weapons Rules.

  • It is forbidden to attack delicate places such as the knee hole, the back of the neck, the feet, the armpits and the groin.

  • You must respect the orders of the Marshals and their instructions without conditions.

  • Hand over your personal documents to your squire, or inform him where they are stored in case of emergency.

  • If you have any serious health problems that might limit or threaten you, consider re-participating.

  • You enter the tournament at your own risk and by submitting the registration form you agree to the tournament rules.

Basic buhurt rules (czech)

Complete buhurt rules (english)

Regulations and equipment

Profight rules


Basic profight rules (czech)

Tournament participant registration form
Which disciplines do you want to participate in?