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Registration 2023 has started!

Updated: Mar 8

Dear friends,

fighters, warriors, and diplomats, women, fair-haired girls, red-haired and hoofed, traders, craftsmen, and day laborers! We have great news for you!

Registration for the Battle of Libušín 2023 festival has just been launched!

This year we will see each other for the 30th time. We would like to make this meeting significant, that is why it has been extended for several days. This year, the accompanying program will start on Thursday, April 27. We will be merry, beat and drink all day and night until the dawn of the first day of May.

Please make the most of these days to live together, because the days that pass will not come back.

Participants of the Battle, their retinues and escorts, residents of the camp, in short festival participants:

- Just like last year, according to established procedures, please register individually at this link:

We would like to thank you in advance for the voluntary registration contributions of CZK 100,- Kč per person, which you can send to our account at Česká spořitelna a s., account number: 20001-408426339/0800. With your payment, please include your name or the name of your group in the message for the recipient for better clarity. It is best to pay voluntary registration fees in advance. It is possible to pay them by transfer or conveniently via a QR code via our e-shop. As always, we will use all the funds you provide to ensure better comfort for you in the camp, which, as you know, is going through a difficult and expensive transformation in these years.

Traders, stallholders, merchants, smiths, armorers and tinkers, masters of the crafts shown:

- we are already in contact with many of you, but please use this link to register for the festival:,

There you can find all the information you need. Once again, allow us to point out that the festival is for several days and therefore use every opportunity to meet your customers. We hope and wish that there will be an abundance of them every day of the festival. We are just repeating what you already know - during the program and operating hours of the festival, it will not be possible to enter the area with motor vehicles. If you decide to skip some days of the festival, please let us know in the notes on the registration form. Those of you who are interested in selling food or drinks, please send us, in addition to the completed registration form, a photo of your stand and an assortment of your goods for approval to the address We are committed to our long-term major partners and not all food items are freely available at our festival.

Please do not contact us with individual questions in advance, first fill out and submit the registration form, in the case of food and beverages, send the item list and wait. You will all receive a confirmation email and a prompt on how to complete your registration and how to pay for the space rental for the stand.

fighters accustomed to full contact, Buhurt League World Cup participants:

- if you would like to participate in the Buhurt League World Cup tournament, open the Captain´s Dashboard on the Buhurt League website, log in and follow the instructions. We wish you luck in the tournament.

All of you - Who have something that you would like to offer us beyond the normal registration, and normal application? We are here and we would be very happy to read about it from you at

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all, and we are working hard to make it worth it

Good luck with the battle!

Your ORGO-team

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